Slow down and enjoy the Summer…

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Summer should be a fun and relaxing time. It can be hectic rushing around, trying to fill the days with activities; summer clubs for the kids, getting things done for yourself as well as finding ways to celebrate the sun being out. It doesn’t have to be like this – slow down and enjoy the summer season.

No matter where you spend it, the joys of summer are simple to create. It’s about having a loose schedule, slow mornings and carefree days. It’s about taking a break from the busy schedule to explore outdoors and read stories in the afternoon sun.

 Start a morning routine and build a little time for yourself in the morning hours because in the summer, it’s easier to wake up early. Your body responds to natural light so try going to bed with the curtains / shutters open and allow the natural morning light to brighten your room and wake you. Waking up earlier gives you more time for yourself.

Spending time outdoors in the natural sunlight helps top up levels of vitamin D and relaxes your body and mind. It’s so good to get out and enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers in bloom. Enjoy and appreciate the natural world around you.

Wander to a local park or eat dinner outdoors. Or venture out a bit further, go to the woods or onto a local walking trail.  

Stepping out in nature makes you leave everything behind. The air smells different, noises and views are new and different and a walk in the woods gives you a chance to reduce your stress with every step. This is as much about the spirit of your adventures as it is the adventures themselves. Even a simple outing to watch squirrels at a park or climb a big tree your kids have been eyeing can feel like a grand adventure.

– Unplug from your daily digital routine. Make the most of your summer days by limiting the time you spend looking at the screen such as your phone, tablet or TV.  Find other relaxing ways to fill your days – such as reading a good book or lose yourself in crafting. Such activities will still keep the mind engaged but relaxed at the same time.

– Grow something. There is magic and wonder about growing your own plants or vegetables. You don’t need impressive gardening skills and if you lack outdoor space, you can still have a few pots indoors on your window sill.

– Create Summer traditions. Over the years, you might have tried different activities, some of which have made long-lasting impressions. These can become traditions – things you do every summer, things you look forward to all year such as a trip to the lake, camping with friends, water balloon fights in the back garden or even a lemonade stand for the kids in those hot summer days.

Whichever activities you have planned for the summer, slow down and enjoy it…

It flies by so quickly!

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27 juli 2020

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